2024 September 14th


Relaxation and breathing outdoors.

Yoga at Jardins des Martels

Yoga at the Martels Gardens

We invite you to come and experience a sensory reconnection on the lawns of our park!
Yoga is based on a work combining postural exercises and breathing.
It aims to relax the body and calm the mind.
As for outdoor practice, it offers additional benefits: in nature, stress and therefore cortisol levels automatically decrease, the body is recharged with energy, all the senses are stimulated, breathing is facilitated, rhythm heart rate slows down...

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Arieli : a convinced teacher

Originally from Israel, Arieli has always been devoted to others and their well-being: initially a specialist nurse, she now teaches yoga to adults as well as children and adolescents.

Yoga can transform each of us: this is his belief! Working to create a society in which children practice yoga from an early age, at home and at school: this is his dream...

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Arieli's Yoga

A gentle approach

"The purpose of the practice is to calm the vibrations of consciousness. Yoga is the unity of body with consciousness and mind. When the consciousness is calm, true wisdom arises, coming from the deep aspect of being.

The practice is slow and gentle and suitable for every practitioner. Everyone practices according to their abilities. This method combines movement with breath and thus creates a connection between body, thought and breath.

The training begins with gentle postures and movements, which intensify during practice. After reaching the peak of the intensification, the body relaxes into opposing, balanced and relaxing positions." Arieli

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Useful information :

10:00: Welcoming of participants (Thanks to be on time)

10:30: Yoga session

12:00: Free visit of the garden (Your ticket is valid all day)

Remember to take your carpet. If you do not have one, we can provide you with plaids.

Reservation :

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