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Jardin Des Martels

Lotus Festival - 2020 July

The lotus festival takes place during the flowering of Lotus. Throughout the weekend, we offer entertainment for the enjoyment of all.


Adults : 10,50 €
Teenagers (11 - 17 years old) : 7.50 €
Children (4 - 10 years old) : 6.50 €. 
Free under 4 years old

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Reading in the gardens :

Pleasure to read, pleasure to share. “Lire et faire lire” (Read and do read) is a development program of the pleasure of reading and solidarity towards children.
The ladies of the association “Lire et faire lire 31” are set up in the gardens with their books for the children to come their way...


Ikébana :

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Originally influenced by Buddhism, this practice was brought from China as many martial arts, and was developed in Japan over the centuries to become a specific and inherent part of the Japanese culture art.
Damien Dufour, professor of Ayame’s school in Toulouse do exhibitions and workshops during the two days festival.


The lotus cuisine :

Everything is edible in the lotus : flowers in teas, fresh stems in salads, seeds and tubers fried or simmered for their crisp, the leaves to wrap preparations steaming. Seeds and lotus roots are available fresh, dried, canned, pickled, plain or sweetened. The plant represents the power of transformation. It is part of the New Year gift in the form of candied fruits and roots in Asia.
You can taste some recipes rhizomes, stems and lotus seeds, made on the spot while sipping tea with lotus stamens.


The bonsais of Gérard Blanc :

Passionated about oriental culture, Gérard Blanc began his collection of Bonsai in the late 80s. "Bonsai is nature carved by the hand of man". This is how Gérard Blanc expresses himself.
In love with nature, he explains that as a painter he has always been interested in orientalism. "As soon as I had time, I take care of bonsai. There is a whole symbolism. It is about recreating the immensity in a small area. There is a philosophy, with a harmony between three elements between the tree itself, the pot and the environment ".


Meeting with a specialist Lotus :

The lotus ... Its origins, its culture, the secret of the longevity of its seeds, the hydrophobicity of the leaves.... André Reynier, owner of the gardens has been passionate about aquatic plants for a long time. The culture of lotus has no secrets for him and he will answer your questions about this legendary flower.


Papermaking workshop with "Moulin à papier de Brousses” (The Paper Mill of Brousses) :

The day of the festival, everyone (adults and children from 4 years) may make one or two sheets of paper to take home.


Coutoufly, gardens wind :

A creativity wind blowing in the region, Coutoufly moved his poetic windy gardens and other objects using wind to get animated.
Magic flight to the end of a thread.
For poetry is complementary to the activity.
For travel is fate for the visitors:  "The wind is the actor of the movement"
Wings or triangles, wind chimes, mobiles, all destined to be exposed to the blowing wind and the heavens. Flight's magic at the end of a string, colors, but most of all a fruitful passion for the wind lovers...they are making up adornments that will be lulled in the slightest breeze named “wind's gardens”.
Coutoufly runs a workshop “wind flower” making and propose to think on how to combine plastic bottle recovery and wind ?


Massages :

What could be more relaxing than a good massage ? Bruno and Maria offer you massages in chairs provided for this purpose. A time to forget everything and relax.



Japanese calligraphy :

Ayuko, its name Calligrapher "kei-An" The path of the apricot tree was born in Tokyo.
Early passion for calligraphy, she studied this ancient art with her mother who was her teacher. Since her arrival to France, and after studying at the School of Fine Arts Tours, she has work been running workshops and courses of Calligraphy in the Aude, Midi-Pyrenees and Ariège. She participated in several art exhibitions in Toulouse and Carcassonne.
Ayuko will explain where this writing come from and she will propose you to approach this artistic contemplation with the help of the gesture and movement of the brush.
The workshop will be both theoretical and practical. You will discover the importance of calligraphy in Japanese culture, the beauty of the alphabet and kana characters born under your brush.

L'Encre d'Ayuko 06 58 27 70 14


Tales in the gardens :

All the senses intermingle.
Taking advantage of a summer afternoon ... Feet in the grass, eyes closed, nose to the wind.... Do nothing, let go...
Anne and Marie-Jo “Les pince oreilles” (Ears clamp) will transport you into their world. Their selection of tales is suitable for all those who want to escape through a story.


Origami :

Origami is the Japanese name for the art of paper folding.
Damien Dufour, offers to exercise your fingers folding various objects and discover the world of paper. Open to everyone, young, adult, amateur or professional.



The tea ceremony :

The tea ceremony (Cha No Yu), in Japan, is a traditional ritual influenced by Zen Buddhism in which powdered green tea (matcha) is prepared in a ceremonial fashion.
During the tea ceremony, Wakaba (Association of Franco-Japanese culture) offers a journey into the heart of Japan. You will enjoy the harmony, respect for tradition, purity and tranquillity. The tea ceremony will be for you a meditation exercise.
Matcha tea is jade colored and sparkling, with green vitamins, nourishing, originally used as a tonic for the monks in their meditations! It is a powerful antioxidant that has a high stopping power of molecular corrosion and wear of the tissue leading to aging and said “degenerative and chronic diseases”.
Ms. Takahashi, from a family of Professor Cha No Yu, in her turn teach this discipline, through the gestures of traditional Japanese practice. You will taste the sweet cake and Japanese Matcha and enjoy a moment of harmony and serenity.


Chantal Charron expose her lotus leaves :
Since 2 years, Chantal Charron works with lotus leaves, they became the raw material of her paintings.
The leaves are stuck looking for balance, harmony, then they are patinated with pigments.
Each painting is unique, they can be also declined according to your interior, different colors are proposed to you.
Her next challenge will be to create backlit trays with her lotus leaves.
In December 2015 she will present them at the next art fair in Toulouse.

Chantal Charron >


The creations of Chantal Thomas :

Her universe is made of white or black sandstone, colored with oxide or engobe juice, enameled with white or red ...
Her creations inspired to accommodate floral compositions or simply become decorative, are made by hand or plate requiring as a guideline only the delicacy of nature and the earth.
The Japanese influence of Ceramic Master Rizü Takahas