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Jardin Des Martels



« Yoann's sculptures invite the visitor to slow down, observe, listen, feel.In a world where everything is going faster and faster, it has become important to find places and moments where we can stop and remain silent. »
A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse in 2011, Yoann then perfected in woodworking and combines craft and creative practice. Today he feels the need to express himself more with sculpture, as if he had matured. Every work he creates is born of an idea, an intuition or a message to convey. "There is a need to reconnect to the Earth, to nature, and to oneself, which is essential to preserve a certain harmony between humans and their environment.
« There is nothing complicated about what I do. try to create, otherwise I would not do it, I want to bring a positive, simple and touching message. » 
This is what drives the creation of her sculptures, as well as a sensitivity for wood, a noble and living material that echoes itself through this communion with nature.

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Xavier develops his activity by proposing projects to "scenograph" public or private spaces with sculptures specially designed and made according to the places (Parks and Gardens). His goal is to surprise the audience, astonish him and trigger emotion and exchange. He also works on sensory spaces, particularly for institutions for adults with disabilities. The concept exists, of course, but all that is proposed is plastic ! He wishes for equivalent budgets, bring magic, trigger the emotion and awaken the senses with noble and natural materials.

The sculptures exhibited in the Martels Garden will be mostly designed for the spaces they will inhabit.

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At first a painter, Pierre Treilhes was invited little by little by the world of sculpture in which he became the master of life of the neglected objects.
The creations of Pierre Treilhes are born of old tools abandoned, used, even rusted.
It is a talented artist who subjects metals to the torment of fire, so that arise in the embers and sparks, works sometimes poetic and calm, sometimes full of enthusiasm where the movement involves the spectator in a relationship where surprise gives way The step to admiration.
The unpredictable is arranged under his hand, arranged with patience, organized to offer a magical composition whose final bouquet is the accession to the beautiful.

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These sculptures are as ever, an expression of  both my relationship with stone as a material and also  the physical and emotional world around and in me.
They flow from the enormous pleasure I take in creative expression. I have started using reusing found objects and similarly carving words that take the sculpture into another place that of storytelling and dreams. Equally a quirky keyhole or church window have been the starting points of a sculpture.
I hope the visitors to the beautiful Jardins des Martels enjoy discovering the works as much as I have enjoyed in creating them.

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Turn clay to life, shape it and find the colour that will enhance and sublime it. This is a team that gives out his spirit to “Clair de terre”, an expertise, a desire to do well every day, and learn again and again this rich art that requires you to be humble in front of the discovery of its technics.

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Creators of aesthetic environments, Lya and Laurent Marino are inspired by the surrounding nature, its seasons, its shapes and colors. In constant search, they have the ability in their work to capture the various textures and patterns vegetable and mineral materials offer us. It is for this reason that “atmosfleur creations” can offer decorations for gardens but also for interiors, for your events, your store fronts, your festivals...
The exhibition in 2014 was thought through for the works of “atmosfleur creations” to fit into the garden, various designs were bind together with nature throughout the season giving the impression that they were integral parts of the landscape. By visiting the garden Martels in 2014, you could discover the exhibition of Lya Marino's plants paintings, as well as her Lotus's interior designs in the reception area whitout forgetting her external works set up on the visit of the garden: spheres wire, braids spheres, nests in trees, breezes views near the pond, and other surprises...
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